Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Third things first

To start this blog off right, I want to talk about something that is obviously near and dear to all our hearts: why you should use Cannabis a.k.a. Marijuana. Now, before you say anything, I would just like to direct you to a documentary called "The Union: the business of getting high". I challenge you to disprove anything stated in this documentary.

The Union: the business of getting high

If after seeing that video, you have no desire to even try marijuana, I honestly don't know what to tell you. Weed will make everything in your life 10x more enjoyable; from food and sex, to music and movies and everything in between. Hell, it even makes class interesting sometimes.

Some of you might be hesitant due to the fact that, although marijuana itself does not cause cancer, smoking anything almost guarantees some form of lung cancer. I had the same concern, so I don't blame you. If this is the case, I highly recommend getting a vaporizer due to the fact that there are literally NO malicious health effects when using one, not to mention it is about twice as effective as smoking cannabis which can save you a ton of money over time. The best place to purchase a vape in my opinion is ebay since they're so much cheaper than anywhere else.

Here are two websites that review vaporizers that are worth checking out:

How to use a vaporizer

Protip: If you're super cheap like me, get the EasyVape and split it with some buddies.

If you're too cheep to buy a vaporizer, then baking up some baked goods is an absolutely fantastic and extremely safe way to experience all the benefits of THC. The only downside to cooking up some cannabis is that it is usually pretty time-consuming. There are thousands of recipes all over the internet but here's a site that will basically hold your hand and walk you through the baking process:

The Cannabis Chef

And that's about it for now. Next, I'll be talking about bongs, pipes, and other ways to smoke marijuana. If you have any questions, go ahead and make a comment and I'll try my best to address it in my next post.

Live your Life


  1. interesting read, i believe there is a blog somewhere out there about how to cook different food using weed. good luck with your blog

  2. Weed makes music sound better!

  3. Wish I could join you guys in this marvelous thing but random screenings.. =/

  4. Is there any real difference between different kinds of weed or is it just hype? Never smoked myself, drug testing at school and whatnot

  5. There is a HUGE difference between different types of weed. I mean, I'm no expect on all the species and crap like that, but you can definitely feel a difference when it comes to crappy weed vs dank. The biggest difference usually occurs in the quality of the weed itself. If you got some nice bud, but it has a shit ton of seeds and twigs and shit, you won't feel too much. But if you get some ok weed that's been properly prepared, you can get high as a motherfuckin kite.

  6. i so want to get a vaporizer man

  7. They're pretty expensive and cumbersome to transport. I would much rather but a cheap lil bowl and then spend my money on, say, groceries or something haha.